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A tradition of 500 years…

The only coffee that is served with its coffee ingredient in the world, Turkish coffee is also named after the coffee grounds (Telve) that remain in the bottom of the cup. Inventor of the machine that presents the traditional taste of Turkish coffee to the customers in the most original way, Arçelik Company now introduces the new generation of Telve to the appreciation of its customers.

In terms of general sense of form, it also refers to the traditional products with its unique curve on its main geometry, besides referring to the plainness. Selected and applied amongst hundreds of curves, this curve is also used in the body of the product and the coffeepot.

Apart from contemporary products, even its ventilation holes have been transformed to an elegant design detail with the use of perforated metal. The layout of the keys and LEDs in the ventilation duct provides genuineness, simplicity and ease of operation to the design. Usage of distracting details such as screw details, mold joints or ventilation ducts are avoided at any visible part of the product; and the design was completely built on these criteria.  Being free of unnecessary production details, it was possible to use unlimited types of material such as wood, metal, leather etc., and to produce a machine that is suitable for everyone’s taste.

Turks believe that a cup of coffee brings respect for forty years; thus coffee shall appeal to the eye, the heart, and the palate.


Bon appetite.

Telve&Awards.jpg "Arcelik Telve" Best Turkish coffee machine.
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